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Aadi perukku

Adiperukku is a unique South Indian and specially a Tamil festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Adi. Tamil month Aadi, marks the beginning of monsoon in Tamilnadu. During this month, water level rises in rivers due to monsoon.To show our gratitude to the Nature and to thank the mother Cauvery river, we celebrate Aadi perukku. This year it falls on August 3rd.

Aadi perukku (1)

On this day we make many variety rice and enjoy with our family. Married girls will go their mother’s place to celebrate this festival.

Click the link to see the method for making variety rices.

Sweet rice

Lemon rice

Tamarind rice

Coconut rice

Curd rice


Chithirai kani/ Tamil Varusha Porappu/Tamil puththandu

Chithiraikani or Tamil varusha porappu is celebrated in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. It falls on the second week of April. This is considered as the beginning of new year by the Tamilians. The tamilians in all over the world celebrate this vigorously. Similarly the Malayalam speaking people will celebrate their new year as Vishu. Sometimes both  are celebrated on the same day.  14th April 2017 – 13th April 2018 is called as Hevilambi year.


On the day before the new year, people place a mirror and decorate it with Konnai poo(yellow colour flower) that blooms during this season. In front of the mirror a brass thambalam(large size plate) is placed. Rice is spread over the plate and the fruits and vegetables are arranged. Three main fruits to be arranged are Mango, Banana, Jack fruit.  Golden cucumber,  grapes, orange,  apple, raw mango, snake gourd, lemon, coconut are also arranged.  Apart from this gold, silver, coins, rupees, panjangam, dhal, turmeric powder, kumkum, beetel leaves, paaku are also placed. On the side of this a lamp is lighted. This is called as Vishu kani.
On the next day morning, we are directed by the elders to go to the pooja room with the eyes closed.  This is practised because the first thing seen on the new year should give us happiness and prosperity for the whole year.  Kani is seen by touching the plate with both the hands.
The elders will give some money for the youngsters as their blessings and it is called as Vishu kaineettam.

On this auspicious day, for the sadhya, along with the regular food, payasam, vadai and pachchadi is made.



Tamil Puththandu Nal vaazhuthukkal !!!!

Menu for Chithirai kani and Vishu

Sambar / Mor kootan


Mathan kootu

Paruppu vadai  or Mupparuppu vadai

Thayir Pachadi



Thakkali thokku/ Manga kari / Maa-inji, Pachai kuru milagu

Nenthrakai vathal/chips



Maatu pongal

Maatu Pongal is celebrated on the day following the Pongal. On this occasion people worship the livestock that helped them during the cultivation of crops. The cattle are washed and the horns are painted. Flower garlands and tingling bells are tied around their necks. They are fed with the pongal. In some parts, they also take the cattle for procession. Jallikattu a game in which the ferocious bulls are tied with huge amount of money and made to run. The villagers will try to retrieve the bull.  Also it is called as poo parikkum thirunaal. Many people will go to pluck the flowers.


In our family, on the occasion of maatu pongal we get up early in the morning for kanu pongal.  Elders in the family will apply the turmeric on the forehead saying the phrase

Thayodum thandhayodum Seerodum sirappodum Perodum Pugazhodum Perumayodum Keerthiyodum Siruvayathil Thaalikatti Periyavargalaagi pillai petru Kondavan manam magizha Thayyal nayagi pola thonga thonga thaalikatti thottilum pillayumaaga maamiyaar mamanar mecha naathiyum madhaniyum potra piranthagathor perumai vilanga       petra pillaigal aayul onga utraar uravinarodu puththadai pudhumalar choodi Pudhu maapillai marumagalodu pudhu pudhu sandhosham perugi Aalpol thazhaithu endrendrum vaazhanam eppodhum siritha mugathodu irukkanam

Thank you Perima for the above phrase!!  This phrase differs from family to family. I got this from my mother’s sister. This phrase was used by my Mannima (mother’s mother). After manjal keethal, they have to follow a ritual of kanu pidi. This is mainly done for the goodness of their brothers. After this they are not supposed to drink or eat anything before taking bath. It is to come out of kanu peedai.  The following phrase is said while doing this

” Kaakka pidi veithaen ! kanupidi veithaen!                                                                                                                                   kaakaikku kalyanam! kuruvikku seemandham!                                                                                                                            en kanavan ennai endrum piriyaamal irukkanam!                                                                                                                              udan piranthaan nandraga irukkanam “

I goth the above phrase from my paati(Dad’d mother). Thank you paati.

Kanu pidi

  • A kolam is drawn facing the east.
  • The turmeric leaves used previous day is placed on the kolam.
  • On the leaf, the sakkarai pongal and the white rice prepared on the previous day is placed as small balls in numbers 5, 7, 9 and 11.
  • Sugarcane and the fresh turmeric are also chopped into small bits and placed over it.
  • Kumkum is placed on the rice and pongal balls.
  • Finally neiveydhyam is done with vethalai, paaku, pazham and offered to the crow.

On this day we make many variety rice and enjoy with our family. Married girls will go their mother’s place to celebrate this festival.

Click the link to see the method for making variety rices.

Aadi perukku (1)

Sweet rice

Lemon rice

Tamarind rice

Coconut rice

Curd rice


The tamil festival Pongal starts with Bhogi.  It falls on the last day of the tamil month Margazhi. On this day, people will clean their house and draw kolam. This is celebrated to thank Lord Indhiran- The God for rain. In Villages, people will burn the unwanted items. Also Kaapu kattal is done in the evening with poola poo and Neem leaves.

On this day, we make upputtu or puran boli in their home.

Bhogi recipes

Mor kootan

Lemon Rasam

Carrot Poriyal

Kadalai Paruppu payasam

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