Oats porridge

     Oat meal or oat bran are rich source of fibres. They help in reducing bad cholesterol(LDL) without reducing the good cholesterol(HDL). Oats like other grains and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals and fight against carcinogens. Daily serving of whole oats will lowers hypertension and helps in reducing weight.  Due to the presence of well balanced proteins,  they help in longevity and helps in maintaining a good health.Usually we use skimmed milk powder instead of milk while making the porridge.



Oats – 10 tbsp/ 1 cup

Milk – 4 glass 

Sugar – 4 tsp

Almonds – few

Cashew – few

Raisins – few

Badam mix – two drops

Fig – 2


  • In a vessel ,mix oats with 1 glass of milk. Keep stirring to avoid forming lumps and getting burnt.
  • Once the oats thickens, add sugar, badam mix and remaining milk.
  • Mix well until it boils.
  • Cut the cashews and almnonds into small pieces.
  • Garnish the oats porridge with chopped cashews, almonds raisins and fig.
  • Serve hot or cold.

Note: You can also use vanilla or pista mix.




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